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Oliver Haas-Jensen (1968–) Laura Gehlert Schmidt (1992–) Torsten Gehlert Schmidt (1951–2018) Lukas Hillerns (1986–) Torben Jensen (1968–) Sigfred Jensen (1924–) Jakob Hommelhoff Jensen (1978–) Niels Peter Jensen (1877–1928) Julie Clasen (1985–) Jenny Marie Simonsen (1926–2011) Ida Gehlert Schmidt (1996–) Cathrine Marie Thomsen (1825–1911) Sif Hommelhoff Clasen (2015–) Hans Ejner Ørsted (1911–1951) Jens Michelsen Knagh (1829–1882) Sonja Bodil Thomsen (1932–) Iben Gerling Engmark (2018–) Niels Lauridsen Ferslev (1896–1972) Hans Borgersen (1850–1905) Jens Michelsen Thomsen (1895–) Liv Hommelhoff Clasen (2012–) Birgitte Madsen (1969–) Mareka Hillerns (1950–) Christian Jensen (1914–1978) Anna Bock (1987–) Justus Bock (–) Ole Thomsen (1961–) Anton Siersbæk (1953–) Karen Gerling Hansen (–) Laust Nielsen Thomsen (1930–2015) Gerhard Edo Hillerns (1952–) Johanne Haas-Jensen (2005–) Johanne Marie Borgersen (1864–1937) Ulla Kirkedal (1968–) Susang Rosleff Pedersen (1973–) Christian Pedersen (1999–) Karen Sofie Jensen (1910–1987) Jens Peter Alfred Jensen (1909–1969) Tina Holkmann Gerling (1961–) Agnes Eleonora Borgersen (1902–1986) Mette Haas-Jensen (1971–) Arnold Weers (1949–2009) Simon Thomsen (1995–) Ane M. Thomsen (1890–1964) Birgit Siersbæk (1958–) Okka Bock (1959–) Erik Jensen (1940–2008) Bente Nielsen (–) Rasmus Gerling (1989–) Katrine Jensen (1998–) Jens Gerling (–)