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NameBorn/ BaptisedDied/ Buried
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man Nielsen, Albert Siersbæk PRIVACY FILTER
man Nielsen, Alexander & Laura Siersbæk Nielsen
man Nielsen, Anders * ‎12 Sep 1849† ‎14 Jul 1868† Aadum - druknet under badning
woman Nielsen, Ane
woman Nielsen, Ane Kirstine X Christen "Christen Christensen" Siersbæk* ‎16 Jun 1856* Skjern† ‎1930† Skjern
woman Nielsen, Ane M. * ‎2 May 1838* Skjern
woman Nielsen, Ane Margrethe Johanne & Carl-Johan Toft-Madsen* ‎20 Aug 1904* Helsingør† ‎30 May 1997† Frederiksberg
woman Nielsen, Anna Kirstine & Erling Thiel* ‎2 Mar 1909* Helsingør† ‎26 May 1994† Næstved
woman Nielsen, Birgit & Ole Bæk Nielsen PRIVACY FILTER
woman Nielsen, Ellen Siersbæk PRIVACY FILTER
woman Nielsen, Else Marie * ‎18 Jul 1907* Helsingør† ‎3 Jul 1996† Virum
man Nielsen, Gravers & Maren Christiansdatter* ‎7 Apr 1766* Borris† ‎7 Jan 1848† Foersum
man Nielsen, Henning X Lisbeth Kathrine Kamstrup Nielsen* ‎24 Apr 1958* Esbjerg† ‎2001
woman Nielsen, Inge * ‎2 May 1910* Helsingør† ‎2 Feb 1911† Helsingør
woman Nielsen, Ingeborg & Martin Fransen* ‎2 May 1910* Helsingør† ‎25 Aug 1996† Sorgenfri
woman Nielsen, Inger Marie X Børge Rabjerg PRIVACY FILTER PRIVACY FILTER
man Nielsen, Jakob
man Nielsen, Jan Engedal & Pernille Mixen Weber
woman Nielsen, Jeanet Michella PRIVACY FILTER PRIVACY FILTER
woman Nielsen, Jenny Siersbæk & Jacob Værum Siersbæk Johansen PRIVACY FILTER
man Nielsen, Jeppe Smed PRIVACY FILTER
man Nielsen, Jesper PRIVACY FILTER
woman Nielsen, Johanne Siersbæk & Svend Simonsen* ‎18 Feb 1906* Helsingør† ‎21 Mar 1984† Odense
man Nielsen, Jørgen X Ruth Siersbæk PRIVACY FILTER
woman Nielsen, Kirsten Graversine X Carl Rabjerg PRIVACY FILTER
man Nielsen, Kristian Siersbæk PRIVACY FILTER
woman Nielsen, Laura Siersbæk & Alexander Nielsen PRIVACY FILTER
man Nielsen, Laurids Høymark X Margrethe Pedersen Ting* ‎17 Dec 1845† ‎14 Feb 1918† Herning
man Nielsen, Laurs & Kirsten Iversen PRIVACY FILTER
woman Nielsen, Lisbeth Kathrine Kamstrup X Henning Nielsen* ‎13 Feb 1960* Fabjerg† ‎2011

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